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Yeah, I barely remember either

January 24, 2013

Remember how I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon in October?  Of 2012?  Yeah, I barely do either.  I had such a long post in my head about this race, and the weekend I made out of it.  But I lagged.  And lagged.  And before I knew it, it was the end of January in 2013.  Yikes.  So, instead of taking you along on a strung out post, as per usual…I decided to bullet point and picture it out as best as I could.  Here you go.

photo 16

And we’re off!  The girls and I headed north on the good ol’ 405 towards my brother’s house.  Giving ‘girls road trip’ a whole new meaning.

photo 6 photo 17

The two days we stayed with them were filled with LOTS of cousin time- my parents LOVED IT!

photo 5 3E4D

Some much-needed time with my brother and sister-in-law.  Hey look, Mom and Dad have all 4 kids- where’s the wine?!

photo 10 photo 9

Quality time with my brother and Dad crafting homemade beer.  I am still not sure why he didn’t name it Angela’s Marathon Ale.  Whatever.

photo 8

Drinking wine while making beer is fine.  Right?

photo 11

I got to see my niece play soccer, and caught this moment of my brother coaching her how to be in the goal.  Being that was a life for a lot of years, it was pretty cool to see him pass it down.   Goalie J (his personalized license plate for the tan El Camino he drove in high school.  Yeah, I ducked my head when we pulled into the parking lot everyday)

From there we headed into the city (I went to college in NorCal so yes, I call San Francisco THE City)

And this is where my photo taking goes out the window- so bear with me.

photo 12

We immediate lunch after we checked into the hotel.  Delicious pizza- my new fave carbo load meal- and of course a beer.  Or two.  Still vacation, right?

We sent my Dad back up to the room with the kids, and my Mom and I headed right across the street to pick up my race bib.


(my mom’s photo’s are small for some reason)

The line wrapped around Union square 2.5 times.  And it took us 2.5 times around to locate where the actual end of the line was.  Ugh.  I literally got my bib and left.  Waaaay too crowded to even try to look at anything in the expo.

In true Schorr girl fashion, we stopped at the liquor store, that my Dad spotted from the hotel window, to pick up some wine- to help me sleep of course- and snacks for the girls, along with a few breakfast items for me.

Back at the room relaxing, Emma fell asleep, and we decided my Mom would stay with her, while I went to dinner with my Dad and Meadow.   They had a great race menu, and we enjoyed the funny stares from people trying to figure out the relationship between the three of us.  “He’s old enough to be her father!’ Umm, yeah, cuz he is.

photo 13Being that I booked the hotel room a little late, we could only get a room with a king size bed and a roll away.  My sweet parents offered to sleep in a chair and on the roll away to let me get a good night sleep in the bed, but I opted for the roll away with Emma, and let them have Meadow.  Honestly, Emma sleeps in the same position all night while Meadow spends the night doing acrobats.  Glad Meadow made herself comfortable.


Up bright and early, and ready to tackle marathon 4.  I felt good, and actually not nervous at all.



My Mom walked down to the start with me, and it was fun to see how close I got to start.  No, not because I am super fast, bu tbecause it is a HUGE race and very popular as a first half marathon for a lot of women.  A quick hug and lots of love, and she sent me off, taking my long sleeves with her, and I moved into my corral.  Not pictured- the sweet girls I met, wearing surf city half marathon shirts.  Leave it to me to find the other girls from HB in the middle of SF.

A few minutes later, I was headed across the starting line.  The first few miles through downtown were amazing.  The smell of the Boudin Bread baking so early in the morning through the wharf wasn’t fair. (my Garmin cut out for a bit hence the weird first mile time)

1 11:46.6
2 8:15.2
3 8:26.2
4 8:16.4
5 8:18.6

photo 15

I swiped this shot from NWM, but this was the start of Mile 6 I believe.

The rolling hills and climbs made it fun, and I just focussed on staying steady on strong, and it seemed to be working.

photo 1

My new way of hacking race photos without paying for them, screen shot from ym phone.  I am guessing this is fairly early in the race.  What with the smile and thumbs up and all.

6 8:47.0
7 8:42.0
8 8:15.9
9 8:59.9
10 7:53.7
11 8:26.6
12 8:30.2
13 8:32.1

photo 3

Oh hey, what’s going on over there?  I hope it was good.  What the F am I doing here?!

14 8:14.2
15 8:15.9
16 7:55.3
17 8:11.8
18 8:14.6
19 8:33.4
20 8:13.6

3EB8                           3EA7

                3E96 3E95

Here are my parents and the girls cheering me on at mile 20.  I had figured with the traffic they wouldn’t be able to make it, so to see them was a great boost!

21 8:16.6
22 8:31.9
23 8:22.6
24 8:43.8
25 8:11.3
26 7:55.7
27 :43.6

photo 4

Striding to the finish, and clearly feeling it.  I really appreciated the woman who tried to cross right in front of me too.  When crossing a race, just a FYI, look towards the runners.

photo 2

And coming into the finish- the marathon was on the right, the half on the left.  Being that there weren’t that many marathon runners, it was fun to finish kind of on my own.  I hope the firefighter that handed me my necklace understood how badass it was.

Place Name Residence Bib # Chip Pace Cat. Place
Angela Kraber     Fountain Valley, CA, US

photo 14

As I was running in to the finish, I heard people cheering for me, and it was amazing!  After I finished I realized it was my dear friend Katey (who killed the half marathon) and her husband Jason.  Flashing our bling, and the sweat on my skirt at the finish!  Lucky for me, in my post race haze, Jason googled exactly where I needed to go to meet my parents and the girls.

It worked out perfectly, and I was able to catch them in the car right as they pulled up.  The  traffic and road closures are insane, so I am pretty impressed with our skills.

Instead of searching for a restaurant close by, we chose to head down to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Bubba Gump Shrimp is where my parents and I ate lunch on my 21st birthday when they came to visit me in college, and it seemed like the perfect place to eat, and reminisce.


Sporting my Tiffany bling with the Bean 3ECA

Lack of beer garden at the race…man it tastes so good when it hits your lips 3ECB

Don’t ask me why, but the steam pot sounded amazing.

We finished up, my parents bought the girls their bread and chocolate (as promised) and we headed back over the bridge to my brother’s house.  There, we relaxed, drank wine, ate pizza, and spent the last of the night enjoying the time we had together.  I always try not to be sad, but knowing we were saying goodbye in the morning made it bitter-sweet.

In the morning, we got up, packed up, and I let my mom fill up my tank with gas, and we hopped back on the freeway.  Back to reality.

I only cried for the first hour or so.  And then we stopped and I got beef jerky- and that made everything better.


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  1. Wow! I did not realize that you ran that race so FAST. Holy smokes, girl…way to bring it! You are going to KILL Surf City!

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